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Welcome to

Central Tulsa




Near front door

heat & air


Please Reach Out on Booking app or text 405-999-0949

house rules

Checkout is 11 am. We will apply a $50 + $1/minute fee for unexpected late checkouts. If you need a late check out, please ask your host!  We are happy to accommodate if it works with our cleaners' schedule.  

Excessive trash left at the property will be subject to an additional fee. An additional cleaning charge will be deducted from your deposit and (or a claim will be filed for the additional fees) after your departure if the house is left excessively dirty (such as unwashed dishes, urine, stains, or excessive hair on the furniture or carpet, cigarette butts found on the property, stained linens or furniture, furniture rearranged, etc.). 

House Rules:  

1. Quiet hours are from 9pm - 7am.  Please remember that our neighbors are not on vacation.  :)  

2. Toilet wipes:   Do not put "flushable" wipes down the toilet.  They clog our drains.    

3. We would love for you to enjoy our neighborhood parks, basketball court and trails.  Please respect our neighbors and follow any posted rules in these common spaces.  

4. Security, tech & privacy:  These cameras are in place for safety, insurance, and liability purposes.  

Pool Rules:

  • Swim at your own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty.

  • Adult supervision is required for children at all times.

  • No diving.

  • No running or roughhousing around the pool.

  • No glass containers in the pool area.

  • Please shower before entering the pool.

  • Please follow all posted rules for HOA

  • Maintain a reasonable noise level to ensure everyone can enjoy the peaceful environment.

  • Clean up any spills you make in the pool area.

  • Report any maintenance issues to your host immediately.

 No Additional Guests:  NOTE:  We aren't trying to be  mean with these rules.  They are in place to ensure compliance with our licenses and insurance.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding!  Please be sure that all guests, including children, are reflected in your reservation, even if they are not staying for the entirety of your reservation.   If you don't let us know about new guests, you will be charged an unexpected overnight guest fee of $50/guest per night.   And please remember we may never exceed 10 guests sleeping in the house.  Under Airbnb's terms of service, additional guests beyond the number listed on the reservation are not permitted at any time. Unauthorized guests may result in the immediate termination of the reservation without refund and/or additional fees.   

Again, ensuring these rules are followed is critically important to our operating license and insurance. Please just message us if your plans have changed so we may update the reservation accordingly or discuss other options. Thank you!  

Damage & Violation of House Rules: We believe humans are generally good, and those who book with us will treat our home respectfully. We’ve never had an issue, but given the platform's strict policies on host reimbursement for damage, please know that violation of the house rules will incur a fine of $500 per violation (unless expressly stated otherwise) and may result in the immediate cancellation of the remainder of the reservation, at the option of the host, without refund. Guests are responsible for immediate payment of all costs to repair, replace, or otherwise restore the property to the same condition as existed prior to a guest’s arrival, regardless of whether such costs arise from or relate to a guest’s violation of the house rules or of the booking platform’s terms. 

Ordinary wear and tear are expected, and we are reasonable, flexible hosts, who love sharing homes with our guests. We trust you understand that our wonderful experiences with our guests are based on mutual trust and respect. If you're not sure about the house rules, always feel welcome and encouraged to ask for clarification, before or during your stay.   

Reservation of Rights: We want you to have fun and be safe. We reserve the right to remind our guests of these rules, by message and/or in person, if we have reason to believe there may be an issue. We’ve never had to ask, but in an abundance of caution, we want you to be aware that we reserve the right to direct guests to exit the outdoor area at any time to honor our primary goals of safety and respectfulness of the owners, neighbors, and other guests.

check out requests

  • Please place used towels in the shower

  • Please pull back linens on used beds

  • Please remove trash and place large dumpsters in the parking area

  • Please start the dishwasher if needed

  • Check for belongings

  • Lock all doors and windows

  • Travel safe

  • Come back soon


6737 S Peoria Ave unit b107, Tulsa, OK, USA

little things

Please be respectful of all neighbors and HOA rules in shared spaces.

Please be sure to park in the designated parking spot.

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