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Welcome to

Red Neck of the Woods

City Guide




Simple and straight forward.

heat & air


Please Reach Out on Booking app or text 405-999-0949

house rules

check out requests

Stain pretreatment has provided in the event of an accident to avoid extra charges.

We ask that trash is taken out, bed linens are pulled back, used towels are tossed in the shower, outdoor spaces, toys, and games are left as they are found, and that you travel safe & come back soon. 


8501 Benny Bruce St, Norman, OK 73026, USA

little things

Fire pit… is it a burn day?

Click here to find out.

Extra Sleeping Spaces

Both rust chairs in living room lay out into beds.

Please be sure to let down the top legs via the zipper back.

The bedding (if reserved) can be found in the master closet along with the two queen floor mattresses and their bedding inside totes.


Inside of he shed is an array of games, chairs, and access to our Red-Neck Party supplies. Enjoy.

There are party lights to plug in and the soak tank jets can be flipped on side the shed (switch in the corner near pink wheel)

There are misters around the pool and sunchairs too.

  • Please enjoy our backyard responsibly.

  • No kids are allowed in fenced area without adult supervision.

  • Drown fires (with provided hose) when done with fire pit.

  • Clean up after yourself.

  • Feel free to use anything in the shed but please return as found to avoid any extra cleaning fees.

  • We are not responsible for accidents.

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