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Hello there! I'm Libby Ross, a seasoned marketer who discovered a passion for hosting and guest management through my investment adventures.

I've navigated the ever-changing landscapes in the dynamic marketing world, honing my strategy, communication, and engagement skills. However, through my investments, I stumbled upon a hidden passion—hosting and the art of guest management.

What started as a side hustle quickly became a journey of discovery and fulfillment. Through my experiences as an investor, I realized the immense value and joy of creating inviting spaces and crafting memorable guest experiences. It's not just about marketing a product; it's about curating moments, fostering connections, and ensuring every guest feels genuinely welcomed.

As I delved deeper into the hosting realm, I was captivated by the intersection of hospitality and strategic marketing. This realization sparked a shift in my professional focus. Today, my mission is to blend my marketing expertise with a genuine enthusiasm for hosting, bringing a unique perspective to the world of guest management.

Whether it's orchestrating a seamless event, optimizing a vacation rental, or crafting a memorable brand experience, I thrive on the intricate dance between marketing strategies and the art of hosting. My commitment is to create spaces and moments that leave a lasting impression, resonating with guests long after the event or stay.

Join me on this exciting journey where marketing meets hospitality, and let's create unforgettable experiences together.

Cheers, Libby Ross

Libby Ross
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