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Co Host Oklahoma

Your Trusted Partner in STR Management

Local STR Management

Personalized communication and guest management.

How Can We Help You? 

  • Furniture Layout and Optimization: Personalized design solutions for optimal space usage.
    Strategic selection of stylish and functional furnishings.

  • Security Solutions: Comprehensive risk assessments and strategic security planning.
    Integration of smart technologies for enhanced property security.

  • Decor Consulting: Tailored aesthetic recommendations for a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.
    Integration of local flair to add a unique and authentic touch.

  • Local Host Community Involvement: Active engagement and collaboration with local host groups.
    Hosting workshops and meetups to share insights and foster community.

  • Ongoing Maintenance Services: Thorough post-checkout inspections and proactive repairs.
    Transparent communication about maintenance updates and solutions.

  • Cleaning Services: Immaculate standards with thorough post-checkout cleanups.
    Rigorous sanitization protocols for a safe and hygienic environment.

  • Guest Management and Hospitality: Unparalleled hospitality services for a memorable guest experience.
    Transparent communication, pre-arrival guidance, and responsive support.

  • Market Research and Growth Initiatives: Extensive market research to stay ahead of trends.
    Continuous exploration of growth opportunities, including strategic partnerships.

  • Set-Up Consulting: Personalized furniture layout and selection for optimal aesthetics and functionality.
    Strategic security planning and integration of modern technologies.
    Decor consulting for a cohesive and locally infused atmosphere.

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